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Wireloc is a patented electrical wire joiner/connector that has no metal parts.
It is simple to use and suits most electrical devices. They can be used in automotive, audio, security and many other applications

  • Innovative
  • No Special Tools Required
  • No Special Skills Required
  • Secure
  • Has hundreds of uses
  • Incredibly tough and durable

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much does the Wireloc connector cost?

A. For price information click here

Q. What is the recommended way to use the Wireloc connector?

A. Undo the Wireloc 2 turns from closed and align ridges
Expose/strip off 16mm of outer insulation from ends of wire that you want to join insert the stripped and neatly twisted wire into either end of Wireloc.
Whilst securing wires, turn Wireloc to tighten and ensure a good connection.

Q. Can Wireloc come undone?

A. Not unless it is physically unwound and pulled apart.

Q. How strong is the Wireloc connector?

A. You can walk on a Wireloc and it wont break!

Q. How can I become a Wireloc distributor?

A. Click here

Q. Where can Wireloc connectors be used?

A. Wherever wires need to be joined!

How to use a Wireloc

  1. Twist open Wireloc at least 2 full turns and align ridges
  2. Strip outer cable to expose 16mm of inner wire
  3. Twist wire ends to neaten before inserting into Wireloc
  4. Securely insert exposed wire into each Wireloc end
  5. Keeping wires secure twist each end tightly into each other

Your wires are now . . . Simply connected


Area: Africa, EU & USA

Rory Blake Taylor:
Cellphone: +27 (0)60 446 4000

Cellphone: +27 (0)60 446 4000